Literary Orgasm

I have just bumped into this article while I was looking for a word in French. I saw the thumbnail and entered the site. Really cool. It’s always nice to make a step further and acknowledge that I often find the best friends, the best sites and the best songs par hazard in a very silly way. Just like this:

Or the history of porn

More erotic findings today. The best pin-up artist in the history of American Illustration, Gil Elvgren (1914-1980)

She was a bomb for her time, as he was able to stray from the image of American women at that time. Independent women, that was it. Independent, sexy and provocative long-legged models.

Wandering a bit more on the genre, I have found interesting Milo Manara’s illustrations, although not that beautiful (for an ignorant as I am in here).  Shunya Yamashita, ecchi style, typical manga and video games illustrator. John Willie, very bizarre as shown in most of his pictures, the obsessed and futurist sculptor, Allen Jones.

I still prefer Elvgren, intime but still naïve.


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