Full Albums worth listening: In Ear Park and Default

We don’t listen to CDs anymore, let alone saying physical CDs, but what I meant is a full album from A to Z. It is just a pity sometimes as there are really pieces of art albums.

From my experience, it does happen the same now with video clips, I remember recording every cool video I saw on MTV, Viva, FlyMusic, Sputnik, Música Sí or 40TV… or looking for them when I first got Internet at home.

Thanks streaming online with systems such as Grooveshark and Souncloud I have quitted and perform more than one thing at a time. However, this does somehow devaluate the effort artists make to arrange it all.

Please see below for two of the best albums to kick off a Monday morning. I find them both (accidentally) really similar. Sometimes, the piano keys and the bells remind me of Lluís Llach. 🙂 Nice comfy orchestral tones.

One is Department of Eagles‘ In Ear Park.

Take this Waltz. El tren a Viladecans per veure els xiquets…


The other one is from Django Django. Discovered today thanks playground mag best songs’ list, it reminds me of Grizzly Bear and Department of Eagles. The album is called Default and it is really smooth and happy. With reminiscences of Brit rock music… it is magic.


Enjoy and … Just let the song play. The long way. The strong way. It’s our day. It’s our way.

Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet. 


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