Rock guai!

Comencem l’any 2013 amb bones guitarres i bon ritme…

després ja vindran els tambors a ritmes de l’Índic

Stereophonics – Have a Nice Day

The Walkmen – The Rat

Coldplay – Yellow

The Do – Aha

Radiohead – The Bends

Grimes – Genesis

Tame Impala – Alter Ego

Arctic Monkeys – In the Afternooon

Kaiser Chiefs – The Modern Way

The Kills – Last Day of Magic, What New Yourk Used to Be

Manu Chao – Mala Vida

Nirvana – Rape Me

Naïve New Beaters – Live Good

Primal Scream – Get Your Rocks Off

BRMC – Love Burns

The Doors – The Crystal Ship

Joy Division – Shadowplay

Mando Diao – Dance with Somebody

Siouxsie and the Banshees – Hong Kong Garden

BRMC – Lien on Your Dreams

The Clash – Rock the Casbah

Bad Religion – Punk Rock Song

PJ Harvey – The Glorious Land

Cults – Bad Things

Cat’s Eyes – Face in the Crowd

Elastica – 2:1

The Smiths –

Pulp – Disco 2000

Bombay Bicycle Club – Always Like This

Crystal Stilts – Shake the Shackles

Pulp – Common People

Garbage – Special

The Kills – Future Starts Slow

M83 – Midnight City

La vida és massa preciosa!!!



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