DEscobriments i DEsitjos (DEutschland?)

You cannot sleep

You just keep your mind going

You are travelling with the rolling of your eyes

The night, the stars, the full moon…

You’re sleepless

Atom – Atoms for Peace

FACT Atoms for Peace AMOK review

Radiohead frontman and producer Thom Yorke and Nigel Godrich continue to develop a relationship with dance music on their debut album with Atoms for Peace.

DARKSTAR – (News from Nowhere – Warp 2013)

Van al sonar…!!!!

Maxmillion Dunbar – HOUSE OF WOO (RVNG Intl)

Aquest tune és Balearic, segons he llegit…

BLAWAN, a la Sala Apolo el dia 9!! woohoo! per fi bon tecno, i res de house a Barna!! Al·leluia! fent al·legoria a aquesta expressió que resulta tan inevitable i insuportable alhora!

Paperman, el curt que va guanyar l’òscar

Autechre – Montreal

Synkro – Acceptance (Acceptance – Apollo, 2013)

Bona niiiiiiiiiit!


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