Moganshan 莫干山

29 d’octubre de 2015

Bonjour des de Moganshan!!!

Boirós, frondós i Joan constipadet… Ara anem a fer una volta pel bosc a vore si veiem un temple que està a 5 horetes a peu!!


Estem a un hotel “The lodge” que és preciós! És el lloc més car on m’he quedat, però tot i així, té molt bones vistes (que malauradament no podem apreciar) per un cost de 70 CAD. Realment està molt bé. Aquesta muntanyeta a l’estiu deu estar ple de xinets amb money que venen a relaxar-se, una mica d’spa, una mica de hiking, una mica de pray… Estem a 200 km de Shanghai, com que ací no podem llogar cotxe ens desplacem amb tren o bus. Ací el bus para molt, perquè és de curta distància, però les connexions amb tren són impressionants.


Una mica d’història del Moganshan ( 719 m)

According to Chinese legend, in the Spring and Autumn Period of 770- 476 BC, China’s most talented swordsmith Ganjiang, arrived in the mountains. It was here that he cast and forged a pair of special swords on the demand of the Emperor of Wu. Gan’s wife was called Moye, hence the name Mogan Mountains and the main tourist attraction Sword Pond.

The crisp refreshing breezes of Mogan Mountain first enchanted foreigners in the 1880s, where rooms and houses were rented from locals. Large European style villas, houses, churches and public halls were built for missionaries, businessmen, customs officials and their families. Many of these villas and houses are still standing, with some being turned into hotels and guesthouses operating today.

By 1910 approximately 300 foreigners, mostly Americans and British, had set up summer homes on the hill. The foreigners left the mountain top with the rise of the Communist party in 1949, where the villas were handed out to different work units or “danwei’s” from Hangzhou and Shanghai. Many of the villas are owned by the People’s Liberation Army. Mark Kitto, the first foreigner to live on the mountain in modern times, obtained a 10-year lease from them in 2003, renovated the villa, and opened Moganshan Lodge, a restaurant and guest lodges.

Moganshan is a major bamboo area, with lush bamboo forests on its slopes and surrounding areas.



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