Landmannalaugar – Hella – Hvolsvöllur

19 September 2016

Hallo oh mein Gott Island ist so krass unglaublich!


Tonight we slept at the official Landmannalaugar campsite. After such a sunny and beautiful day, a windy and stormy night was there waiting to show up. We slept very well though. We’re still wondering how a summer tent can bear this cold weather. Thank God we’re provided with the total terrain 04 by 4 -20 sleeping bag. Oh! I forgot to say we swam in a hot spring. It was maybe 40 ish degrees Celsius really burning sometimes and we spend a bit of time warming ourselves up. We repeated today after the hike to the Brenninsteinslada peak at about 1100 something metres. Really beautiful views from there. It started to snow when we were deciding what to do and that finally made us go.Snow is more comfortable than rain.


We’ve been an hour on the F 208 road as Joan has tried. No, in fact, he’s flown the drone three times. He’s so cute, like a child with a new toy.

Hello! I’m in the tent right now listening to the rain falling on the already wet tent. However, as awkward as it may sound, in those two lines, the rain has already stopped (and it just started 4 lines ago) and the sleeping mattresses and bag is super dry and keeping me very warm. It is so cold. So today we went to the mountain (one of them) in Landmannalaugar and then headed back to F 208 and 26 road to reach Hella, in the southwest, the closest town to reach the Ring Road and from there we had in mind to sleep either at the Seljalandsfoss or already at Skogar, the base camp for the 2-3 day hike at Fimmvörðuháls. Finally  we bought some food at the first petrol station we found (it’s a nightmare to have so little petrol stations and such a small gas deposit). We have to keep in mind to refilling all the time! And so we couldn’t (once again) pay by card at the gas station but we could use our cards to pay for the food on the same petrol station. A bit strangel, original, authentic, complicated Icelandic. It takes a bit of time for Icelanders to smile but once they do, they’re really cool. As the man we found in the next town to Hella, heading southeast, Hvollsvöllur, where we are now. The night was coming and we wanted to find a camp with a electricity (to charge the drones and my camera) and a lovely panxudet man, smoking, saw us driving to this not-so-little farm. His English was as fluent as my Icelandic. He kept saying “On the right, on the right” stressing the “r” and “t”. Then he mentioned the word “tree”. Very funny! And then he said he could show it to us. He took his car and drove before us smiling. Super nice and here we are now. We met a young blonde Australian guy who is cycling around the island and a couple from Germany who are travelling the island clockwise (following the rules, of course!) with a Camper. They are very cool. They were about to share a beer with us but they finally didn’t. Haha. But surely, they are very cool. The German big guy explained us he toured in Spain with his heavy band and Joan shared with him my heavy band story in the past.

Tomorrow we have MANY things to do. Good night for now! GUTE NACHT!


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